My name is Raven, but I'm better known online as Hydraheads. I've assumed multiple aliases over the years but it has become the signature of my creations and my permanent hallmark

I'm a self-taught artist/illustrator. I've always loved to create and write. The body of my works is personal and explorative so my interests and themes change often

I use coloured pencils, speedball super-black and microns for traditional ink. Sometimes mixed media with markers or watercolours. I use clip studio paint EX for digital works, and everything written is usually by pen first then edited once I transfer to computer

In my personal life I'm very much a reclusive creature with my spiders and books...

What is this site?

This site is just meant as a personal homepage and web curiosity cabinet, to fill with all my art and photos and anything else I make and collect. I do not have a formal portfolio and only occassionally take work. It's very case-by-case. Currently I am unable to take commissioned work, sorry!

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