Species: Dolichethele diamentenasis (Brazilian Blue Dwarf Beauty)
Indigenous: Brazil
Habitat: Grasslands, shrubs of riverbanks
Type: New World; Semi-Aboreal
Temper: Skittish, sometimes defensive
Birthday: December 9th, 2022
Current size (inches): "3.5

A gorgeous dwarf species. A mature spider's total leg-span is about 4 inches, and their life expectancy is half that of most other tarantulas. They're sometimes overlooked by their larger and just as impressive cousin - the chromatopelma cyaneopubescens AKA Green Bottle Blue. Make no mistake however, they're called 'Beauty' for a reason! With that softly ombre peach-orange on the abdomen, transitioning to a vibrantly iridescent shade of mixed blue and jade hues across the carapace and legs, touched with that peach coming back at the tips of the trichobothria (sensory hairs). A real stunner!

I aquired my Cahara at a local specialty shop. There are not many, and I don't purchase from places like PetSmart. Cahara was just a little wee thing when I got him, and didn't have much colour as a sling. He went from brown, to orange-grey, to blue! It's really an exciting part of having spiders is seeing the stages of their growth, by my opinion

This isn't a very handable species though. They're dwarfs, but they are mighty and can have a big attitude for what they lack in size. Like all NW's, they have uriticating hairs, and they still have the potential to bite so beware and know the signs to back off from a cranky spider. If you're doing maintenance, it might be best to wait a while until they calm down. They're particularly defensive when they're in premolt or under stress from their environment, spiders are very sensitive to vibrations and changes in the air current

Make sure to maintain proper conditions for humidity and airflow. I keep mine, much in the same way I do for avicularia. One thing you want to be especially cautious about is making the substrate too wet. If you can sift through the substrate, it's a bit damp but it still crumbles if you spread it between your fingers? That's perfect. If it sticks to your fingers, it's too wet and don't add anymore moisture. Your water dish also helps to maintain the humidity balance in the enclosure, so long as you are refilling that daily as needed you shouldn't run into much issue. The largest hurdle is when they're very small, the're just much more fragile

Overall, a rewarding and unique species to keep!

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